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The latest HyperSQL release package, including sources and documentation, is available via the download link above. HSQLDB jar releases are also uploaded to Maven Central repository. This directory contains the latest release jars for Java 8 or greater, including a jar compiled with debug information.

HSQLDB SupportWare

Are you using HSQLDB for testing or deployment of a commercial application? Have you joined SupportWare yet? SupportWare is a program to ensure the development and maintenance of HSQLDB.  SupportWare subscribers get priority in support and feature requests.

Commercial Support

Professional support is available from the HyperXtremeSQL web site http://www.hxsql.com. What you pay will also contribute to the maintenance and future development of HSQLDB.

If you have a question ...

As a first step, please read the How To / FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the documentation.

If you still need support, please subscribe to SupportWare and use one of these two options:

Alternative A

The Help Forum is a web-based discussion board for support questions.

Read and search the archives of the Help Forum

And if you cannot find the answer, try searching the Alternative B below before posting a new message.  Normally you should post in a new thread, but if your question is closely related to a recent, existing, related, thread, you can add your post to the thread, which automatically promotes the thread to the top of the list. You should get a SourceForge user id and log on before you submit items. You can then put bookmarks on threads that interest you or choose to get all the new posts by email.

DO NOT post in the Open Discussion Forum unless you want to discuss future developments of HSQLDB.

Alternative B

Alternatively, you can use our user mailing list to ask simple, general questions. You must subscribe to the mailing list before you can post a message. This mailing list is not for reporting possible bugs or complex technical issues. Use the Forums and Issue trackers for these issues.

Read and search the archives of the Mailing List
Subscribe to this mailing list

Open Source Projects

If you are a developer of an open source project and need support for integration of HSQLDB with your project, please mention your project. This will give a higher priority to your request.

Report a Bug or Make a Feature Request

If you are new to Java or HSQLDB, please discuss the issue in the Help forums first. If you have to report a bug in HSQLDB please use the Bug Tracker at SourceForge. If possible, include the SQL statements that caused the error, or a Java test case. The issue can then be fixed much easier and faster. If the bug is related to SQL behaviour, you can simply write an SQL script that shows the bug. See examples of the scripts in the /testrun/hsqldb/ folder of the HSQLDB distribution package. If the bug is related to JDBC usage, you can reuse one of the test cases in the org.hsqldb.test package. See examples in the /src/org/hsqldb/test/ directory.

Use the Feature Request Tracker to post a new feature request.


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