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How To Pages

Links to a collection of pages on HyperSQL. Some of these pages provide detailed information and examples on how to perform different tasks with HyperSQL. Others provide an overview of a certain aspect of HyperSQL.

Usage Guides

For new and experienced users. Links to external pages that describe how to use HSQLDB with different frameworks and applications.

Deployment Scenarios

Users describe how they have deployed HSQLDB to power their applications.

External Authentication

External Authentication is a new feature in HyperSQL 2.2.x. This page covers various examples for implementing and using this feature in your HyperSQL installation.


Performance in HyperSQL depends on a number of factors. This page covers these factors and provides an overview.

A Performance Test

A test based on the TPC-B benchmark code. Massive multithreaded update operations on a database with millions of rows.

Multiple Servers

This example shows how multiple HyperSQL Servers can be started to serve multiple databases on different ports.

SQL Arrays

This example shows how to use SQL Arrays.

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